Kingfisher are proud to be Carbon Balanced

30th October 2015 by Kingfisher Press

Here at Kingfisher we’re proud to say that for our third year which is getting closer to our fourth we’re a carbon balanced printing company. We are glad to say we have this status to our prints to show our support to the World Land Trust and to show our dedication to being green and resourceful when providing our clients and customers with their high-quality products.


So you’re probably wondering what makes us the better choice due to our Carbon Balance print? The benefits of a carbon means there’s no extra involvement from the customer or end user. It creates a supporting network to promote green and social responsibility and shows sustainability. It adds value to your products meaning you’re showing your ethics and responsibility, a sales pitch that is good for the environment too!  Just let us know if you want your project carbon balanced and we’ll sort it! The World Land Trust are able to sustain wildlife habitats just by these small efforts too!

Now you’re probably curious to know exactly what carbon balancing is, and that’s easy. It’s the action of the individual or company taking action to prevent the release of emissions elsewhere, secures the absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide and can be the amount that matches or exceeds their own unavoidable emissions.

The estimation of what emissions will be made by printing a paper product is made to make carbon balanced paper.

Kingfisher Press can process the project as a carbon balanced project, we’ll provide the logo and facts and give you a certificate at the end of the year to promote as your efforts. Good for PR and Marketing too!

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