Jetpress 720s & The Journal of Digital Commerce

16th April 2019 by Kingfisher Press

Jetpress 720s & The Journal of Digital Commerce

Jetpress 720s & The Journal of Digital Commerce

Our Jetpress has recently printed a 72pp Journal of digital commerce for Best Response Media, a London based eCommerce agency. Best Response Media creates unique shopping experiences for millions of people all over the world with their extensive range of eCommerce and digital marketing services.

The new publication is a professional trade journal from industry experts and technology partners. The Journal has been printed and mailed to eCommerce Managers across the country to share information about the industry with tech insights and case studies. To find out more and click here.

The Journal has been printed on our High Definition Jetpress 720s digital press, on 280gsm stock for the 4pp cover and the internal pages on 120 gsm. Finishing included collated and PUR bound to ensure those pages stay where they should. PUR binding is a great binding option for books that are going to be leafed through and handled regularly.

The colour management abilities of the Jetpress 720s ensure colour consistency throughout. With a high range in colour and the digital flexibility the Jetpress makes sure every copy is the same.

Julie Kemp, Marketing Manager at Best Response Media stated “We are delighted with the quality of the print of our new Journal of digital commerce and the vibrant colour finish. Kingfisher Press have been so helpful and professional from first enquiry to choosing the correct paper finish, weight and printing format. The mailing fulfillment of the Journal out to hundreds of eCommerce Managers was seamless. We would highly recommend Kingfisher Press if you are looking to embark on a new printing project.”

It’s always nice to work on a new project and working with Best Response Media has been a pleasure.

Jetpress 720s High Definition Digital

Our Jetpress 720s is a real work horse! It just loves printing and printing. Books, boards, letters, packaging – you name it and it can do it! The quality of the print is outstanding and because its B2 it can deal with folders, boxes and cartons.

It offers a brilliant option for colour consistency in brands. Due to the advanced colour management system it will print exactly the same colour and coverage every time. Even managing gradients and tints with ease, which has always historically been a bit of a problem area with digital.

To find out more about Kingfisher Press and the Jetpress visit our website here or get in touch with us on 01284 748210.