International Print Day 2020 – Lets Celebrate Print 

21st October 2020 by Kingfisher Press

International Print Day 2020 – Lets Celebrate Print 

International Print Day 2020 – Lets Celebrate Print

It’s International Print Day 2020 and how nice it is to celebrate and share good news!

The theme this year is #ElevatePrint – how does print support marketing plans and strategies and how does it support the wider environment. Our social media channels are full of interesting facts and information – check out our twitter feed here. Join us in celebrating International Print Day 2020.

Research – What do consumers like and dislike?

I recently watched a webinar regarding a survey by Royal Mail’s Market Reach. You can read the report here. It contains loads of interesting facts and figures from their research about the benefits of direct mail and how consumers interact with print.

Previous studies have confirmed consumers trust news in print rather than on social media and 76% of those surveyed confirmed they are concerned about the trend in fake news. The example used by Market Reach is the mailings by the government through the recent pandemic, to ensure authenticity important messages and communications were sent by mail. Another key finding is that the printed word and direct mail drives on-line purchases so while on-line advetising is good, it could be a whole lot better supported with direct mail campaign.

Research by Twosides found that most people prefer to read books, magazines and news in print rather than electronically.

A Survey of consumer preferences, perceptions and attitudes toward packaging discovered that 48% of consumers would avoid retailers that are not actively trying to reduce their use of non-recyclable plastic packaging. You can read the Two Sides report here, it makes interesting reading and companies have to adapt to consumer behaviours, who wants to let their clients shop elsewhere?

So what does all this mean for print?

It backs up what we’ve known for a long time; that print, whether alone or used in multi-channel marketing, can be a very successful tool in the sharing of information and help to increase ROI. What-ever it is you want to share, using print as part of your marketing strategy is essential.

Digital burnout is often used to describe the over-load in unwanted digital messages. While we assume the millennials or Generation Y are only using digital platforms, the research showed that there was an increase in engagement from the 18-34 year olds over lockdown. Maybe the over-crowded and overwhelming digital market place has been replaced by tangible and tactile print?

Exciting Times for Print

The last 8 months have been a testing time for all businesses. We’ve all had to adapt and evolve to the ‘new normal’. For sometime now innovation in engineering and technology has helped to create a wide range of environmentally friendly products. With the focus on the Climate Emergency now is a great time to assess marketing strategies to include print and make sustainability a key priority. Paper can be recycled and used again, plastic is far more difficult to recycle and sometimes cannot be recycled at all.

If you would like to find out more about the options available with regard to carbon balanced, recycled or recyclable print then please get in touch with us on 01284 748210 or You can find out more about Kingfisher Press here.