How to use layers to create a perfect finish!

3rd September 2015 by Kingfisher Press

We have produced a guide on using layers when creating artwork and preparing your files ready to send to us. If you’re using Quark Xpress, InDesign and Illustrator you’ll be able to use and create layers in the application to separate elements of your design which have different purposes when it comes to printing. By following our guide, when we receive your work in our XMF workflow we can turn layers on and off to be confident we retain the quality and attributes of your artwork.

Layers guide how to print sending to print best format settings

Our easy to follow guide shows you each step of the process and even how we work with your designs to do each task in turn to create the final product.  To download the guide please access it here or download here.

Please visit our website here for further information on printing with us.