Bury St Edmunds History Book

9th September 2020 by Kingfisher Press

Bury St Edmunds History Book

Bury St Edmunds History Book

Every so often we get to print projects which feature or celebrate local people, landmarks or buildings. Self-publishing is becoming more and more popular with writers and historians.

Recently we have printed a book titled ‘The History of Garland Street Baptist Church’ in Bury St Edmunds. Put together by church member Terry Tyrrell, the book follows the story of the first Baptist church in Bury St Edmunds from its start in 1800 to the present day.

The book covers the church’s early beginnings through two world wars to connections with Romania, new roofs and repaired organs and features many of those who have contributed to the church and its causes. It’s always great to read about local history – if you would like a copy the book is available from history@garlandstreet.org.uk.

Printed on our Jetpress 720s on Edixion offset uncoated 300gsm for the cover and 120gsm for the text pages. Uncoated stocks gives the book a lovely serious but soft feel. The book is also PUR bound ensuring that no matter how many times it’s read or thumbed through the pages will stay in place.

Self Publishing and Book Printing at Kingfisher Press

Self-publishing is becoming more and more popular and we print a wide range of books on a regular basis here at Kingfisher Press.

From Ballet dancing rabbits to Elves, local stories by local authors such as Forkbeard and Goose Girl, to reference books and adult fiction. If you are considering self-publishing your book please do get in touch.

The Jetpress can print short run colour digital but if you are looking for a longer run then our litho presses is always ready to print thousands if needed. We offer PUR binding in house or if you have something else in mind we can show the options available.

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