HD Digital Print – Beautifully Illustrated Folders

21st February 2023 by Kingfisher Press

HD Digital Print – Beautifully Illustrated Folders

Beautifully Illustrated Folders

We recently printed these beautifully illustrated folders and the accompanying booklet for the Fitzwilliam Museum for their Growing Network Symposium. HD printed illustration

With guests from a wide range of prestigious Universities and Societies throughout the UK and overseas including RHS, Kew Gardens, and Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, the folders show case the intricate designs and art superbly. The flower and botanical images on the artwork are striking.

The folders were printed on our Jetpress, which can reproduce the illustrations over and over with complete consistency every time. The Jetpress is unusual in its size for a digital press, it can take B2 sheets meaning folders with fold up and or capacity flaps are no problem.

It’s the perfect solution for short run colour digital print whether folders, booklets or fine art, the Jetpress offers cost effective and superb quality print every time.

Printed on 350gsm the illustrations on the folders really standout and make the project really eye catching.

HD Digital Print with The Jetpress 720s

Our Jetpress 720s is the perfect press for short-run high definition digital print. Its B2 sheet size allows us to print a wide variety of printing projects including leaflets and folders as well as printing on a very wide variety of stocks and papers.

The short run colour print option is great if you want to produce a smaller quantity of leaflets and brochures. For special events or celebrations, awards ceremonies or meetings it’s a perfect choice. Because it has very little waste and minimal set up it’s a cost effect and environmentally friendly alternative to using litho print for a range of projects.

To find out more about our Jetpress 720s visit the Kingfisher Press website here. Or give us a call on 01284 748210 to find out how we can help you.