Greetings from our Jetpress: Your Print Solution Superhero!

23rd April 2024 by Kingfisher Press

Greetings from our Jetpress: Your Print Solution Superhero!

Greetings from our Jetpress Digital: Your Print Solution Superhero!

We recently worked with the fantastic folks at Piranhas in Pyjamas, a local company with their quirky and delightful greetings cards to spread cheer and excitement. We love working with local businesses and Piranhas in Pyjamas have a range of quirky products from bags to mugs, cards, coasters and cushions – you can shop their range here.

Together, we brought their vibrant designs to life on our Jetpress, Printed 400gsm Silk Finesse paper the cards are creased and folded with a gloss laminate finish. From heartfelt messages for new homes to joyous birthday wishes, these cards are guaranteed to make anyone’s day brighter.

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Looking for top-notch quality, impeccable colour, and unbeatable consistency? Look no further than the Jetpress 720s. The crown jewel of high-definition digital printing. Our Jetpress delivers unparalleled vibrancy and clarity, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and superior versatility.

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