Is it time for a Fresh Approach to print in 2019?

15th January 2019 by Kingfisher Press

Is it time for a Fresh Approach to print in 2019?

Time for a Fresh Approach to print?

January is always a popular time for us to try to improve our health and well-being. We often make New Year Resolutions, but do we stick to them?!

In business we set goals, targets which we want to achieve in a given time scale. It could be value of sales, new clients, reduction in returns or increase in productivity. Often these goals are related to a financial return. But what about setting goals that do not directly result in financial gain. Something like using Carbon Balanced Papers or recycled stocks or considering board packaging instead of plastic?

Alternative Packaging

Everyone is appalled by the scenes in the media showing plastic waste in our oceans and the extreme effects it has on animals and our natural environment and rightly so. Finding alternatives to plastic should be at the forefront of packaging design. Considering the impact of packaging and the processes to make it should be as important as the design itself. As a commercial printer we recognise that sometimes only a plastic coated material or packaging will work, but in most cases there is almost always an alternative.

The High Definition digital print offered by our Jetpress 720s means we can print short run cartons and boxes. The Jetpress 720s is accurate, fast and cost effective. With our computer aided design (CAD) studio for samples and prototypes and the production of printers die-cutting formes we can offer a brilliant service for short run and sample packaging. So if you aren’t sure how something will look in a board alternative, we can show you. Find out more on the Kingfisher Press website here.

Carbon Balanced and Recycled

Do you have a little time now, in January, to think about promoting Carbon Balanced or recycled papers? Are you aware of the FSC Chain of Custody, demonstrating our paper stocks are from ethical and sustainable sources? There are so many opportunities to think green and we’d love to introduce you to them.

You could read our blog on Carbon balancing your print here, or find out about recycled papers and stocks, ISO14001 and FSC accreditation on the Kingfisher Press website here. By far the best way is to pick up the phone and talk to us.

Kingfisher Press & The Environment

At Kingfisher Press we make every effort to reduce waste and dispose of any waste we do have with accredited contractors. Sometimes it’s impossible not to have waste. We have our water-based seal delivered in plastic barrels, there is currently no alternative. These barrels are collected and recycled and made in to a variety of different products such as pheasant feeders and garden furniture.

We also try to communicate to all our clients the options available with regard to carbon balancing and recycled stocks. Often it costs nothing to carbon balanced a print project, and because Kingfisher Press is a Carbon Balanced Publication Printer the entire print project will be balanced, not just the paper. Digital packaging print is becoming more and more popular so why not consider board instead of plastic, or look at more environmentally friendly alternatives.

So what will your New Year Business Resolution be?

So is it time for a fresh approach? How about keeping it simple to start:

  • Find out more about green alternatives and their benefits?
  • Setting a goal of discussing with 5 clients a month the benefits of Carbon Balancing your Stock.
  • Set yourself a target of doing 5 carbon balanced or recycled stock projects a month
  • Look at reducing your own carbon footprint and offsetting with the World Land Trust

So what’s this blog about? Good question – really it’s about considering more than the bottom line. It’s about giving a little time and energy to a greater cause and something that will benefit future generations. Whether it’s a process that you change to be more environmentally friendly, or product you choose to re-package or using a different paper stock, it all helps.

Would you like to find out more? Contact us now and we will help you find out more about promoting green alternatives. Follow us on social media and twitter.