Outstanding Packaging Design and Carton Print

19th August 2021 by Kingfisher Press

Outstanding Packaging Design and Carton Print

Uniquely Designed Product Packaging

We produce a huge range of boxes and cartons for all kinds of products here at Kingfisher Press.

Last year we worked with Sweet Pink CBD to produce packaging for their range of CBD products including oils, bath bombs, massage oils and balms.

The packaging, designed by Creative 23, went on to win design recognition – you can read all about it here.

What’s unusual about these brilliantly designed cartons is the white foil blocking. Printed on Kraft pack which has a brilliant sustainable and ethical feel, the white foil blocking really makes the packaging stand out along with the lovely natural design of the individual cartons and packets.

The use of Kraft board allows the main colours to be absorbed into the packaging giving the desired muted effect while allowing the white foil to stand off the packaging. For the labels a foil has been used to give a premium gift feel.

Care and attention to detail throughout the design and creation process focused on ensuring that the packaging provides exceptional protection for the quality of the product whilst at the same time respecting the environment. This ethos extends to the use of a Carbon Balanced Printer. Dan – Creative 23

You can find out more or order from Sweet Pink by visiting their website here: https://sweetpinkcbd.co.uk/

As a Carbon balanced printer not only is the paper or board carbon balanced but the entire printing process with Kingfisher Press is also carbon balanced with any carbon footprint being offset. You can find out more about Carbon Balancing your print here: https://www.kingfisher-press.com/environment/

Kingfisher Press and Carton Print

We produce a wide range of cartons and boxes here at Kingfisher Press from small to massive life size boxes.

Our CAD studio can help you to decide which style of box will best suit your requirements. We can print sample designs using our Jetpress High Definition digital press.

We have made life-size boxes, printed thousands of small boxes, boxes for games, soaps, books and bags using our workhorse litho press or the fast and accurate Jetpress. For BIG boxes we use our flatbed Jetrix wide format printer which can print HUGE when necessary!

You can add those finishing touches such as lamination, aqueous seals or foil blocking to make you packaging stand out from the crowd!

Box and Carton print is a popular service here at Kingfisher Press so if you need help and advice on your carton and boxes then please give us a call.

You can find out more about Kraft pack here.

To find out more about Kingfisher Press and Carton Print visit our website here.