Fine Detail Cards with Precision Laser Cutting

28th November 2013 by Kingfisher Press

The Challenge:

To produce a very special christmas card with intricate die-cut stencil like characters and silhouettes that had too much fine detail for standard die-cutting.

The Solution:

Laser cutting.

Laser cutting allowed us to cut out the fine detail on this lovely Christmas card ensuring the silhouette effect images on the front cover remained. The ten cut out images stand out against the white card background giving a unique design. Regular die-cutting wouldn’t allow such fine detail and delicate design.

Laser cutting is used in all manner of promotional and marketing projects and provides intricate detail with precision. Widely used in the fashion industry for window displays, it can be applied to a wide range of materials including paper and boards, fabrics, polyesters, rubber and plastics to create stencils and specialist designs.

While this may be expensive – it will give your design that unique and special look.


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