Environmentally Conscious Print

7th July 2020 by Kingfisher Press

Environmentally Conscious Print

Environmentally Conscious Print

So far, this year has been tough all round for many businesses and people. While we have been working hard through these uncertain times it has allowed us more time to look at how we can use and promote environmentally conscious print.

We are already FSC Certified and  ISO14001:2015 accredited as well as a Carbon Balanced Printer.

What do these credentials mean?

FSC means we have a chain of custody or audit trail for the certified papers we use. FSC certified means the paper is sourced from ethical and sustainable sources such as wood farms.

Being ISO14001 accredited means we follow an environmental management system ensuring we reduce waste and that any waste we do produce is disposed of correctly. It means that year on year we try to decrease our impact on the environment by using low energy lights, electric vehicles, encouraging cycle to work schemes for staff and using low or no chemical supplies and materials.

As a Carbon Balanced Printer we have had our entire business assessed to evaluate our carbon impact. Our Carbon Footprint is then offset with the World Land Trust meaning not only the paper we print on can be carbon balanced but the entire process of printing a project is offset.

If you use a carbon balanced paper you can add the Carbon Balanced Logo to your artwork. This demonstrates that not only the paper but the entire print process has been balanced and offset with a donation to the World Land Trust.

The World Land Trust work hard to protect and sustainably manage natural eco systems throughout the world. Kingfisher Press are proud to be corporate sponsors of the World Land Trust – find out more about their work here https://www.worldlandtrust.org/what-we-do/

What are we doing to become more environmentally friendly?

Kraft Tape

We intend to use eco-friendly tape on all our boxes where possible. As climate change becomes more and more prominent we are finding that many suppliers are investing in developing environmentally friendly products.

It is a more expensive option, the environmental friendly kraft tape can be 6 times more expensive than standard parcel tape so we will be aiming to use less tape overall.

Business Card Boxes

We use quite a few hard plastic business card boxes each year. While they look nice, they are an unnecessary use of plastic. We have found a few alternatives and will be start using board business card boxes as a plastic alternative going forward.

Recyclable Plastic or Recycled Board for Signage

We have always offered recycled and carbon balanced papers but now we can also offer a range of indoor and outdoor signage made from recycled boards or using recyclable plastics.

To find out more about our environmentally conscious print for Wideformat signage and print check out our blog here.

If you would like to find out more about Kingfisher Press and our environmental commitment please visit our webpage here https://www.kingfisher-press.com/environment/

We work with a wide range of business on a variety of print and multi-channel projects. Please give us a call on 01284 748210 to see if we can help with your print requirements.