Environmental Laminate for Hadleigh Maid Whirls

18th April 2018 by Kingfisher Press

Environmental Laminate for Hadleigh Maid Whirls

Environmental Laminate Cartons for Whirl by Hadleigh Maid

Everyone has chocolate on their minds following Easter!! We’ve just recently printed these lovely little boxes for Hadleigh Maid based at Hadleigh in Suffolk. The mini boxes will contain their delicious Walnut & Mallow Whirls!

“We wanted to produce a box that is as environmentally friendly as possible for our product, and Kingfisher Press worked with us in getting this right from the initial idea through to print and finishing. We are delighted with the end result.”

Donny at Hadleigh Maid


Printed on 410 micron board the little boxes are printed as environmentally friendly as they can possibly be.  We use vegetable based inks as standard at Kingfisher Press, and using an environmentally friendly laminate makes the boxes very eco friendly. Bio-degardable double sided tape was difficult to source and the only thing we couldn’t find.

The box has been designed so it doesn’t require any double-sided tape to make up, but had a bio-degradable crystal disc to make tamper proof, therefore making it fully bio-degradable

The bio-degradable ‘green film’ we have used was a first for us and its worked a treat. The way the environmental laminate is constructed means over time it will biodegrade reducing waste and landfill. It makes it a perfect option for those who want to keep as environmentally friendly as possible.

You’ll find these delicious treats in the East of England CO-OP to celebrate their 150th Anniversary along with many other Hadleigh Maid products. They can also be found in many Coops throughout East Anglia and, of course, their own Online shop, just visit hadleighmaid.com which hosts a wide range of delicious chocolate creations!

Kingfisher Press

We love a challenge! This project was the first one where we have been asked to source an environmental laminate or film. We now know what’s available and what can be achieved. Kingfisher Press are ISO 14001 accredited, FSC certified and are a Carbon Balanced Publication Printer. We take our commitment to the environment seriously.

If you are interested in carton print or finding out more about environmental alternatives then please visit our website or give us a call.