Endless possibilities with Polyart

19th August 2015 by Kingfisher Press

Here at Kingfisher we like to provide a solution to all requests, and with Polyart paper we are able to create a range of materials and products due to the nature of this unique synthetic paper.  Polyart ensures that imagery and text is rich and vivid without extra preparation. polyart printing kingfisher

Polyart’s durable, tear, water and grease resistance allows this to be a versatile material for innovative ideas and projects. It has a smooth coat and finish with good opacity, it can be die cut and laminated to create your specific needs.

Just to name a few items that Polyart provides ranges from luggage tags, clothing labels, cookery books, maps, journals and games. The possibilities are vast and endless!

One of our customers, Ben Searle at Cycling Guides wanted to produce a guide for the Forest of the Dean. He found that Polyart was the best material for his product as it created a waterproof resistance perfect for use in the forest and adventures but also worked in the folding machine.

If you would like a sample of Polyart or would like to print with the material contact us now.