Economical luxury finish with Drip off

11th September 2015 by Kingfisher Press

At Kingfisher we’re constantly looking for ways to become a more economical company, in the development of new processes a cost effective option is available to create a luxury ‘green’ alternative to Spot UV finishes.

Whilst Spot UV is a great option for creating a shiny varnished finish, it is considered an expensive and non-economical choice due to the chemical varnish and UV aspect. Whilst Drip off is not as high a gloss as UV, it is very cost effective and as it is a water based process it creates a great alternative if you’re looking to create a visually similar effect on your prints.

The perfect finish for large runs for matt or gloss effects, add your special touch to your prints by using the Drip Off finish. Perfect for brochures, posters or large print runs, it’s a product we love to make here at Kingfisher!