Engaging Emoticons with Chateez and Synaps OM

21st September 2016 by Kingfisher Press

Engaging Emoticons with Chateez and Synaps OM

We have just produced these fantastic picture cards for Silver Lined Horizons.

The Chateez range of flash style cards, which includes large and small, form a valuable communication aid and are designed to help children share their inner most feelings when they struggle to put those feelings in to words.

The challenge was to develop a range of cards that would stand up to being used frequently by children and adults and that wouldn’t tear or become frayed or damaged overtime.

Along comes Synaps OM!! We use synaps for short run digital print for posters on a regular basis because it is available in a wide range of sizes and as a synthetic sheet it gives a more durable material for long term handling. For this project however, we needed a sheet which could be printed litho and Synaps OM ticked that box too.

Natasha, Director at Silver Lined Horizons, comments “The quality of the Chateez cards print is fantastic on the Synaps OM. They have been tried and tested by children and young people and are very durable which is exactly what was needed. In addition, the help and advice given to choose the right material was also brilliant and made the whole experience of manufacturing the product very easy. “

Synaps OM is available from 135gsm up to 450gsm which gives it the ability to be used for a wide range of print projects. Its also available with self-adhesive back making it ideal for outdoor applications.

The Chateez project needed a thick stock so the cards were easier to handle. The synthetic paper is tear-proof and also versatile enough to be die-cut, laminated or be finished with a varnish or seal.

It is also PVC free – which means it doesn’t contain any chlorine or phthalates, which are toxic ingredients found in some PVCs. Back in 1999 phthalates were banned in the production of toys for children under the age of 3 due to their harmful properties.

It can even be used for underwater applications – however it does become more susceptible to damage when wet and needs to be dried fully before being heavily scratched or handled. Once it’s dry its back to being as good as new!

The special composites of Synaps OM make it ideal for a wide range of printing projects including Menu cards, Product Labels, Place Mats, Tab Divider sheets, Directory and Magazine covers, and many more.

If you would like a sample of Synaps OM please contact us now or to find out more about the Chateez thought provoking cards or to purchase a set visit Chateez.

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