Gift Aid, Bangtail and Donation Envelopes

27th February 2024 by Kingfisher Press

Gift Aid, Bangtail and Donation Envelopes

Gift Aid and Donation Envelopes

We work with a range of charities and businesses providing printed envelopes of all shapes and sizes. Using a printed pre-paid reply envelope is an easy way to help your mail recipient return information or donations to you via post or by hand.

There are a wide range of envelopes, including bangtail and extended flap which make it easy for people to return a form directly to you by just filling in their details and popping back in the post box.

Donation envelopes have a detachable perforated slip or coupon, often with a peel and seal, and are already pre-printed with the reply address. They are a great tool for not-for-profit organisations.

Bangtail Envelopes

Bangtail Envelopes have a perforated reply slip that, when completed, can be detached and returned inside the envelope. This is often used to provide details for credit card or direct debit donations. The details can be popped back inside the envelope and posted securely.

They come in either Bangtail Back or Bangtail Flap styles

Extended Flap Envelopes

An Extended Flap envelope has an oversized flap that covers the donor details when the envelope is closed so the flap can be filled in then folded down and posted back, again giving a secure way to post donor details.

Standard and Gift Aid Donation Envelopes

There is also a standard donation envelope where you can pop a donation inside the envelope and seal it up to hand back directly to the charity. These often have a form to complete to enable the charities to claim giftaid in the UK.


At Kingfisher we can supply all kinds of printed envelopes in a variety of sizes. Printed with a company logo or marketing message as well as the standard pre-paid post, business reply and or mail sort logos.

Why not drop us a line to find out how we can help you and your charity with easy return donation envelopes.

Personalised Print

Why not have your mailings personalised?

Our Jetpress 720s can personalise letters, cards, books and boards. Just let us know what you want to say and who to! The Jetpress uses an intelligent bar-coding system to ensure it gets the personalisation correct every time. You can personalise names and addresses, membership information and images.

To find out more about what Kingfisher Press can do, including bangtail envelopes and personalised digital print check out the Kingfisher Press website here:

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