Dog Shampoo in Sustainable Packaging

23rd November 2022 by Kingfisher Press

Dog Shampoo in Sustainable Packaging

Dog Shampoo in Sustainable Packaging

A few years back we worked with KIND2 on their plastic free packaging for their range of environmentally friendly shampoo and conditioner bars. Now they have developed ‘The Dog One’.

An environmentally friendly dog shampoo bar with sustainable ingredients and no plastic waste. It’s not a soap, but a PH balanced gentle shampoo bar. Find out more here about the new Dog Shampoo.

Environmental Credentials

KIND2 has excellent environmental credentials including certified micro-plastic free so while their packaging needed to have an internal barrier it could not contain any plastic to keep in line with their strong sustainability ethos.

Their cartons are printed on Delipac which is Recyclable, Biodegradable and Compostable and very importantly plastic free. The zero plastic internal barrier makes it perfect for products such as soaps, candles and oils but ensures it can be recycled or composted and not thrown away in to landfill along with all the other non-recyclable and plastic waste packaging.

Delipac is also Carbon Balanced. In this project it’s not just the material that’s Carbon Balanced. Kingfisher Press is a Carbon Balanced Printer. As a business, Kingfisher Press has had their carbon footprint calculated and assessed, and the resulting carbon footprint offset with a donation to World Land Trust. So not only the paper but the entire process of making the cartons is balanced and offset. You can find out more about the work the World Land Trust do and Carbon Balanced Print here.

You can find out all about KIND2 and their sustainability focus on their website [], where you can also order shampoo for you and your dog. As a thank you for choosing a sustainable and environmentally friendly product, each time you place an order, KIND2 will plant a tree. You can read a copy of their sustainability report here.

Kingfisher Press & the Environment

Kingfisher Press is FSC certified, ISO14001 accredited and a Carbon Balanced Printer. We make every effort to reduce waste and recycle everything we can. We like nothing more than promoting sustainable print and products, using social media to share and raise awareness where we can for any kind of recycling and environmental topics.

To find out more about Kingfisher Press and the environment visit our website here.