Direct Mail and Digital Burnout

4th November 2020 by Kingfisher Press

Direct Mail and Digital Burnout

Direct Mail and the New Normal

Direct Mail and printed items continue to be the ‘trusted’ form of marketing communications. Recently Royal Mails Market Reach conducted a survey to look at the changes in consumers since lockdown began and the results are interesting.

One of the statements involves people working from home. When the survey was conducted 24% of people said they planned to continue to work from home so it’s essential your data is up to date if you are sending business communications. Data is always King so make sure its kept up to date, secure and according to individuals preferences. For the consumer market direct mail is a win win. Research has proven that mail drives on-line interaction so a multi-channel approach is essential as we adapt and evolve to our ‘new normal’

41% of businesses have said they plan to send more mail in 2021 which is great news. Both Two Sides and Market Reach research confirm that printed media is the most trusted form of sharing information and that 96% of all mail was engaged with. How does that compare to email click through rates?

Digital burnout is often used to describe the over-load in unwanted digital messages. While we assume the millennials or Generation Y are only using digital platforms, the research showed that there was an increase in engagement from the 18-34 year olds over lockdown. Maybe the over-crowded and overwhelming digital market place has been replaced by tangible and tactile print?

You can find more about the Market Reach report here or read the study by Two sides here.

Kingfisher Press & Targeted Digital Print

Our Jetpress 720s is a highly intelligent direct mail tool. It can personalise you letters, cards, booklets or brochures in any way you need. Whether you want to send information with targeted or personalised offerings or if you want to share information with a specific group of clients the Jetpress can print and personalise one or all pages.

It uses a sophisticated barcoding and scanning system to ensure it gets the personalisation right every time. To handle double sided variable data a barcode is printed on the non-image area of every sheet. When the sheet is backed up the barcode is read and the press downloads the right date for that sheet in the 3.3 seconds before printing! Wow that is fast!

The Jetpress 720s is a high definition digital press able to produce exceptionally high quality short-run colour print cost effectively. Its environmental credentials are excellent. Significant environmental benefits with the Jet Press 720S include a reduction in raw materials, pressroom consumables and paper waste, along with the complete elimination of the plate production process. All these benefits mean that the Jet Press 720S has a lower carbon footprint than an equivalent offset production system.

So now is the time to be looking at multi-channel marketing. Use direct mail to drive on-line engagement for your products with a targeted and personalised approach. To read our blog regarding multi-channel marketing click here.

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