Die Cut your way to a unique print

11th January 2016 by Kingfisher Press

Not all prints need to be square or A4, some of the most memorable items you’ve probably received as a client, customer or through the post have been die cut to make a unique shape to a print.

Die cutting is not only using the external shape but also internal so you can cut out sections to create a work of art!

die-cutDie cutting is great for medium length runs and can be perfect for flyers, cards, door hangers, labels, marketing tools, table displays and so much more!

Anything you’d like to print as its shape be it a food item, car, flower, anthing, can easily be cut with precision to create a print like the gorgeous card and rose as above!

If you’d like to look at getting your next print die cut,  contact us now to find out how we can help create a print that will impress!