Die-Cut your print to make it stand out

12th December 2023 by Kingfisher Press

Die-Cut your print to make it stand out

All shapes and Sizes

Not all print has straight edges! Some of the most memorable items you’ve probably seen on display or received through the post have been die-cut to make a unique shape and grab your attention.

We die-cut hundreds of sheets of paper and board each year. Whether its for cartons, folders or more bespoke print like ginger bread men or Christmas baubles!

You could choose to have your project lazer cut which provides intricate internal cutting for delicate and very special projects like the Christmas tree card above.

Die cutting is great for mid length runs and can be perfect for those unique flyers, special occasion cards, door hangers, labels, table displays and so much more!

Big Cut Out

We can also cut out larger items, printed on our wide format kit, such as life size card board cut outs, trees, squirrels and all kinds of print for display and exhibitions.

We’ve cut out all kinds of special print including Stencils, Bananas, Footballers and Bears!

If you’d like to look at getting your next project die cut or cut-out, contact us now to find out how we can help create a print that will impress!