Pri’s Puddings Counter Display Carton

16th October 2019 by Kingfisher Press

Pri’s Puddings Counter Display Carton

Pri’s Puddings Counter Display Carton

It’s always a delight to work with any company making sweet treats and to come across a company that makes dairy free treats, for me, is perfect!!

As the old saying goes the proof is in the pudding – but what if you don’t know what size pudding box you need? That’s where the Kingfisher Press prototype design service comes in to save the day!.

We worked with Priyanka, director of Pri’s Puddings, to ensure her delicious pocket sized puddings are in a box just the right size. They will be displayed in various healthy outlets in and around the UK.

‘There’s so many question marks when you first start out in business and having the ability to try before you buy with the cartons has ensured we haven’t wasted valuable resources in getting it right. Being able to try the carton for style, size and design has been invaluable and I’m very grateful to Kingfisher Press for their efforts in ensuring we get it right first time’
Priyanka Savjani, Director, Pri’s Puddings.

Over the last few years Kingfisher Press has worked with a wide range of

Jetpress 720s

The counter display boxes were printed on 450 Micro coated board and are fully recyclable. Because the Jetpress is B2 it can print a huge range of cartons and boxes in small quantities.

It’s perfect for getting quality without having to have huge quantities to make it cost effective.

If you’d like to find out more about our B2 High Definition Jetpress Digital printer then take a look at our website here.

Prototype Packaging

The high definition digital press is ideal for printing samples and prototypes. Partnered with our in-house CAD cutting studio you don’t need to have expensive printing die’s made before you are certain the design, style and size of your box is what you need.

Often in packaging it’s not cost effective to have only a few boxes made. With the Jetpress B2 print and in house CAD it makes it possible. So you can try before you buy to ensure you are completely happy with your finished carton or promotional boxes.

For more information on our CAD and Prototype carton services then please give one of our team call today on 01284 748210.