Homestyle Wiro-Bound Cookery Book

14th June 2021 by Kingfisher Press

Homestyle Wiro-Bound Cookery Book

Homestyle Wiro-bound Cookery Book

We’ve printed a variety of cookery books and this latest one is a firm favourite.

The book hosts a collection of recipes from the volunteers and riders of the Buckenham House Riding for the Disabled group and their families and friends. What a lovely way to raise funds for the group who help people with disabilities to ride.

The cover, designed by political cartoonist and former children’s Laureate, Chris Riddell, is printed on 280gsm on our digital Jetpress. We supplied the paper for the internal pages which are packed full of delicious recipes.

The book is wiro-bound, meaning it can be leafed through again and again to reference the delicious recipes inside from Coca Cola Chicken (who doesn’t love that!) to Rich Chocolate Souffle and Seville Orange Marmalade!

The internal pages of the book have been digitally printed in four colours throughout by Buckenham House RDA committee member Martin Kelly

What a fabulous way to raise funds in what has been a difficult year for all charities. Books cost £10 and can be obtained by getting in touch with the Buckenham House RDA group by emailing or telephoning Lucy on 01953 888904.

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Self-publishing is becoming more and more popular and we print a wide range of books on a regular basis here at Kingfisher Press.

From CookBooks and Ballet dancing rabbits, to Elves and ghosts, local stories by local authors such as Forkbeard and Goose Girl, to reference books and adult fiction. If you are considering self-publishing your book please do get in touch.

The Jetpress can print short run colour digital but if you are looking for a longer run then our litho presses is always ready to print thousands if needed.

This particular book was wirobound, which comes in a variety of sizes and colours, find out more here.

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