Christmassy Sparkle and Festive Foils

19th October 2023 by Kingfisher Press

Christmassy Sparkle and Festive Foils

Christmassy Sparkle and Festive Foils

Its that time of year for sparkly foil and glitzy finishes! With so many finishing options now available it can be difficult to know what will add that special something to your print but won’t push you over budget.

Whether you want to glitz and glam up a card or add a bit of shine to your packaging, Kingfisher Press offers a wide range of finishing options to help your yuletide packaging and print stand out.

There is such a wide range of metallics and designs now available you can have almost any colour. Foil blocking is available in gold and silver patterned for that special christmassy feel. A particular favourite is diffused foil blocking which gives a brilliant rainbow effect shine when it catches the light.

If you are looking for the special finish for a project then give us a call. We can let you know the best way to achieve what you would like and stay within your budget.

Kingfisher Press Finishing

We have a wide range of in-house finishing equipment here at Kingfisher Press.

As well as offering in-line water based aqueous seals, we offer a wide range of finishing choices.

Lamination is always popular – available in gloss, matt or soft touch and popular with print such as menus, posters, cartons and cards. Soft Touch Lamination gives a fabulous smooth feel. We also offer shrink wrap sealing for those projects which need to be collated and sealed in packs.

As well as Festive Foil Blocking you have Embossing, which is another option available in a range styles. Embossing creates a textured area to touch and feel that stands out on your design. Debossing is also available which creates the opposite effect, an indentation design on your project.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer here at Kingfisher Press then please give us a call. Check out the Kingfisher blog to see what we’ve been up to.