Carton Print for Innovative 3D Puzzle – Snaak

5th June 2019 by Kingfisher Press

Carton Print for Innovative 3D Puzzle – Snaak

Snaak 3D Puzzles & Carton Print at Kingfisher Press

We had a thrilling time working with Snaak to produce packaging for their brilliant mathematical 3D puzzle.

Each of the 64 Snaak cuboid units snaps into any five directions relative to the preceding unit, allowing you to build complex shapes and geometries, letters and wording, prototype designs or whatever you choose to make! In fact there are up to five to the power of 63 possible Snaak configurations!!

To find out more about Snaak click here to view the website.

Snaak is offered in a variety of colours, we were asked to produce a selection of sleeves and boxes to complement the colour range. Printed on our Jetpress 720s on 450micron board, the sleeves slide over the box tray containing the 3D puzzle.

The end result is a range of packaging for an innovative product which looks fantastic. The Jetpress colour consistency is second to none so every carton will be exactly the same as the one before and the one after!

Jetpress 720s and Carton Print

Our Jetpress 720s is made for digital packaging. With a sheet size up to B2 we can print a wide size range of cartons and boxes. Whether you need 1 or 1000 its ideal for short run colour packaging.

With many businesses looking to reduce plastic use, short run carton print is the ideal solution. The superior colour management system of the Jetpress makes it perfect for corporate and brand consistency. The industry leading printhead technology ensures precision and accuracy every time.

The range of spot colours and vibrancy of images is outstanding. It has to be seen to be believed!

Recently we have printed property brochures, cartons, books, boards and boxes. The Jetpress offers a competitive and fast turnaround option for short run colour print. To find out more about our Jetpress and what it can do visit the Kingfisher Press website here.

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