Cards for all Occasions from Art by Frithy

11th December 2018 by Kingfisher Press

Cards for all Occasions from Art by Frithy

Cards by Local Artist John Frith

We love producing work for local businesses and when it’s for a local artist, author or illustrator it’s even better. We can show case our high definition digital print with the artists brilliant artistry.

Our Jetpress 720s has recently printed these fabulous cards for John Frith of Art by Frithy, a local artist based here in Suffolk. Printed on 275gsm Ensocoat then creased and folded ready to be used for a variety of occasions.

John paints original artworks on to canvas of all different shapes and sizes. His work can be seen both locally and nationally in homes and businesses. If you have something in mind you would like then check out John’s website or drop him a line to discuss just what it is you want to paint.
To find out more about John and his work visit the Art by Frithy website here.

Jetpress 720s Fine Print

Because the Jetpress 720s is a High Definition digital printer it can produce the most intricate of designs with every detail perfect, and then it will do it again and again. Each copy printed will always be the same in detail and colour.

The Jetpress is perfect for short run colour print. It’s economical, efficient and environmentally friendly. No need to make plates and overs are minimal. It’s a great way to test a market to see if a particular product of design is ready for the shop shelves without having to spend a fortune on long print ones to keep per unit down.

To find out more about the Jetpress 720s visit our Jetpress web page now. Not only can it print cards but brochures, packaging, books, posters, stickers, newsletters and lots more!

Kingfisher Press offers High Definition Digital, Litho and Wide Format print to businesses both locally and nationally. To find out more visit the Kingfisher Press website here.