Cardboard Alternative – What are the options when fluted board is in short supply?

5th February 2021 by Kingfisher Press

Cardboard Alternative – What are the options when fluted board is in short supply?

Cardboard Alternative instead of Corrugated or Fluted Board

The media has recently reported a shortage of fluted box board which is one of the most common substrates used for packaging. With so many retailers offering on line ordering and home deliveries cardboard boxes have been in huge demand.

A news article by the BBC reports that because the packaging is going to residential rather than large high street chains and restaurants its not making its way quickly enough to the recycling centres. This means a lack of pulp available to make more boxes and slows down the whole process.

So what can you use instead?

We offer two different boards which can be used as an cardboard alternative option for many styles of packaging.

SBS Boards

SBS Board comes in a variety of weights and is both FSC certified and ISO14001 accredited. It can also be Carbon Balanced and is fully recyclable in its raw form. SBS Boards are a two-sided, multi-layered board. With its super smooth surface and a multiply structure the board has rigidity and stiffness plus good cutting, folding and scoring properties. It’s ideal for the packaging of luxury products. It also has good ageing and yellowing resistance.

Folding Box Board

Folding Box board is also a very popular alternative cardboard for corrugated and fluted packaging. Its clean white or cream surface are popular for printed cartons and boxes and it comes in several weights to suit. They are also FSC certified and ISO14001 accredited.

They both have a wide range of uses including calendars, greetings cards, invitations, menus, book covers, advertising material. When it comes to packaging the boards are great for cartons and boxes for perfumes, cosmetics, chocolates, pharmaceuticals, wines and spirits, CD/DVD. They are also recommended for aroma and flavour sensitive products.

Kingfisher Press and Packaging

We love cartons and boxes at Kingfisher Press! We can offer a full end to end service for packaging from concept through to completion.

Our Jetpress 720s can print high quality short run digital packaging for sale and promotional items. With our in-house CAD and die-making facilities we can off a prototype and CAD sampling service so you can see what you packaging will look like and what your designs will look like.

If you looking for larger runs then our Litho presses can print on a stock range from 0.03mm to 0.8mm giving us the ability to print larger run packaging efficiently and cost effectively.

We regularly use our Jetpress to run samples and prototypes and once the design is finalised and approved the litho press will print a longer run which makes the overall cost per unit less.

The addition of our new Petratto Metro Folder Gluer machine in our finishing department has been a great success. It glues and folds, glues and folds and glues and folds all day long! Over the past year printed cartons and demand for boxes has grown hugely and the new machine in house gives us the ability to ensure our high quality standards are met and that we can manage work flow efficiently.

If you have a carton or box design you want to sample or you need a quote for you cartons and boxes then please give us a call on 01284 748210 or email us at