Support Sustainability – Carbon Balance Your Print

12th October 2021 by Kingfisher Press

Support Sustainability – Carbon Balance Your Print

Carbon Balance Your Print to support sustainable business practices.

It was great to see the work the World Land Trust and Carbon Balanced Paper scheme supports through Carbon Balanced Printers and Carbon Balancing print.

With the COP26 in Glasgow next month the Climate Crisis is a hot topic, and so it should be. Currently only large businesses, those with a turnover over 35m, have to report their scope 1 and 2 emissions but going forward this could change to include smaller businesses. As a business Kingfisher Press already measures and offsets its carbon footprint with World Land Trust.

Interesting to learn that only 9% of firms with 10 – 49 employees and 5% with less than 10 employees have put targets in place to reduce their emissions. That’s a tiny amount when you consider there are an estimated 5 million plus businesses (2019) with 1-50 employees in the UK.

Why are more SME’s not putting in measures to actively reduce their carbon footprint, reduce their plastic use and make efforts to use only renewable energy suppliers?

You can begin with Carbon Balancing your print and packaging. When you Carbon Balance your print more often than not it costs you nothing at all, but the positive effect it will have on endangered habitats and creatures and the environment is tremendous.

Why would you Choose Carbon Balanced Print?

Using Carbon Balanced Paper is a simple way to reduce the carbon impacts of your marketing communications without fuss and you will be part of a global scheme to help and support not only wildlife and habitat but people and livelihoods across the world. And it will costs you very little, if anything.

With support from the Carbon Balanced Paper Scheme and other channels of fundraising in 2020 the World Land Trust:

  • Saved 885 Acres under their Buy an Acre Scheme
  • Brought 64,000 acres under protection across all programmes
  • Planted 112,756 trees through all their programmes restoring 220 acres of habitat
  • Over 43 thousand tonnes of CO2 have been offset through the carbon balanced programme
  • Funded 44 rangers through their keepers in the wild programme.

In their entire history World Land Trust have directly saved over 2 million acres and supported over 5 million in total through their partnerships. What an amazing achievement.

You can use the Carbon Balanced Paper logo on their printed communications as a high-visibility seal that demonstrates to students, staff and stakeholders, that you responsibly manage your print and or packaging impacts on climate change.

If you would like to carbon balance your print please get in touch. You will be amazed at how little it costs you to be involved in such a worthwhile initiative. You can read more about Carbon Balancing on our website here.