Canvas Prints to showcase your art!

9th May 2016 by Kingfisher Press

Canvases really show artwork in great detail which is perfect if you want to showcase photographs or a family picture you’ve always longed to hang in the hallway. Canvases show a professional touch in offices and showrooms to give a nice and warming touch to the wall decor.

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We can have large 1.5m x 3m canvases on industrial scales which are created by the XL team and they can make images work to such huge scales with no compromise on the image!

We can also make your image go across multiple canvases such as the one above to create a unique look and display! No matter the sizes or specifications we’re always keen to try new ideas and see beautiful photos and work come to life!

Our XL team not only create canvases but big images and prints! We can print up to 1.5m x 3m so we can do things on an industrial scale, outdoors or indoors!

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