Books Printed on the Jetpress 720s

2nd April 2018 by Kingfisher Press

Books Printed on the Jetpress 720s

Book printing on our Jetpress 720s!

We were delighted to work with John Warby in printing 2 of his most recent books; ‘Destiny’s Knight’ and the sequel – Destiny’s Knight; A Troubled Knight’.

The books were printed here at Kingfisher Press on our Jetpress 720s high definition digital press.
Printed on Magno with 136pp text and 4pp cover, printed on 300gsm satin, the book was then PUR bound ensuring it would stand up to being read over and over without losing any pages!

The books have been so popular that all the printed copies have sold out on Amazon!
So will there be a part 3, more adventure for Morgan Smith in his crusade of good against evil?

Working with everyone at Kingfisher Press was a delight. The attention to detail was amazing, to ensure I ended up with exactly what I required. The last minute changes were accommodated, and I ended up with a quality item that is worthy of any bookshelf. And all of the staff at Kingfisher were very helpful all through the process of going to print and in following my designs for the cover composition. I am very glad that I chose Kingfisher to publish these books.

The books are listed with Foyles bookshop in Charing Cross Road, London, and I have sold copies in Australia, America and Serbia, as well as in England.

Following requests from everyone who has read the first two books, I am currently on chapter 12 of book three, as all of my readers are keen to read the next instalment in the life off ex-SAS operative Morgan Smith and his guardian angel Carron Bluewater and their fight against the dark force of The Sixty-Six.
None of this would have been possible without the expertise of Kingfisher Press.

John Warby, Author

 Kingfisher Press

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No film or plates required so it’s perfect for short run print, making it an efficient and cost effective way to produce short run colour print projects including book printing.

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