Being Green at Kingfisher Press

26th February 2016 by Kingfisher Press

Being Green at Kingfisher Press

We make sure we work hard to be as green as we can here at Kingfisher Press, we ensure we recycle where possible and work to use the best materials to do so.

Paper and stocks come in various forms and we love the range we supply because we use suppliers who promote sustainability and recycling. We make sure they are connected to FSC® to ensure products are ethically managed.

Visit our green room to find out more about what we do in order to remain a sustainable and ethical company whilst creating your prints. What’s more is that you can show your clients how great your prints from us are by adding the Recycle logo which is recognised nationally.

It’s free and demonstrates in simple terms your awareness of the importance of the environmental sustainability and commitment in print. Click here to download the logo.recycle now Black.jpg