Beautiful Print with Die-cut and Foil Blocking

13th October 2015 by Kingfisher Press

These opulent brochures have it all !

We have just produced a range of beautifully designed brochures for Bell, who teach English to young and adult learners at centres in Cambridge and London.

The brochures have been printed on a satin finish stock to enhance the graphics displayed inside and have been die cut and foil blocked with a silver finish on the front cover. The finishing touch on the cover is the soft-touch lamination. This gives a really smooth silky feel to the brochures a nd helps the silver foil blocking to stand out.

Each brochure, targeting a different audience, is brightly coloured  and individual images yet they all share the consistent die-cut, foil blocking and soft-touch lamination making them part of an exclusive set of brochures.

Would you like to find out more about foil blocking or soft-touch lamination?  Contact us now for samples.