Anti-Bacterial Seal for Books & Leaflets

4th June 2020 by Kingfisher Press

Anti-Bacterial Seal for Books & Leaflets

Water based Anti-Bacterial Seal

New products are being developed on a regular basis in the world of print. Most are alternatives to using chemicals and plastic and using recyclable and sustainable materials. New product lines are also starting to emerge with options to try to prevent the spread of germs.

One products which has come to our attention is a water-based aqueous seal which has antibacterial properties.

Like our other environmentally friendly aqueous seals, this seal is added in-line on our Heidelberg Speedmaster XL-75, meaning it can be easily included in the print run with no additional finishing.

The seal contains an anti-bacterial active ingredient that can help to kill bacteria on coated surfaces. Its is available in either a silk or high gloss finish. We often use a standard seal on print runs either the options for using these in-line seals is increasing with new products developed on a regular basis.

The water-based anti-bacterial seal may be something to consider when printing items that could be handled by several people such as books and journals. It is a good environmental option as you are able to recycle the journal, leaflet or book as it is water-based finish. To find out more about our other print enhancing aqueous seal click here.

Anti-bacterial Lamination

Recently we wrote about the anti-bacterial lamination which is now available. You can find more information on the Kingfisher Press blog post here.

If you would like to find out more about the anti-bacterial seals and films please get in touch on 01284 748210 or email us here

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