A2 Posters for Vintage Gifts & the Jetpress

5th July 2022 by Kingfisher Press

A2 Posters for Vintage Gifts & the Jetpress

Our Jetpress loves showcasing products and recently we produced this fabulous A2 poster for local company Ivy Joan. Ivy Joan is a lovely brocante boutique for home provisions.

It’s hard to choose between the beautiful items from vintage bowls to framed paintings and beautiful French crockery. If you are looking for a unique gift or something special to decorate your home it’s most definitely worth checking out their on-line shop.

The A2 posters are printed on Shiro Eco White produced by Favini which has a very old-fashioned feel. Shiro Echo is recyclable, biodegradable and FSC™ certified. The CO2 emissions generated are fully offset.

As the Jetpress can take up to B2 size paper, unusual for a digital press, it was no problem to print on the Jetpress and with a short run of less than 100 it makes the Jetpress the most economical option.

The high definition print ensures the images are printed with absolute accuracy every time.

Once printed the A2 sheet was then creased and folded down to A4 making it a more manageable size to handle. Check out the Ivy Joan website here: ivyjoan.co.uk

Kingfisher Press & The Jetpress 720s

Our Jetpress 720s is the perfect press for short-run high definition digital print. Its B2 sheet size means it can work with a wide variety of printing projects including leaflets and folders as well as printing on a very wide variety of stocks and papers.

The short run colour print option is great if you want to produce a smaller quantity of leaflets and brochures. Maybe to test the market or advertise a prototype product, or for special and seasonal offers. Because it has very little waste and minimal set up it’s a cost effect and environmentally friendly alternative to using litho print for a range of projects.

To find out more about our Jetpress 720s visit the Kingfisher Press website here. Or give us a call on 01284 748210 to find out how we can help you.