New lo-chem finishing unit at Kingfisher Press

26th September 2011 by Kingfisher Press

Kingfisher are delighted to have installed a new Fuji Lo-Chem finishing unit on our platesetter at our premises in Bury St Edmunds.

The new processor eliminates water rinsing, reducing our water usage by up to 99.5%, it also has no chemical replenishment.

The new finishing unit also allows us to use the Brillia HD Pro low-chemistry violet CTP plates, which can produce better quality, are low-chemistry working and increase productivity.

This is just one small step in our on-going quest to improve environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint at Kingfisher Press. Visit our website for more info on our environmental policies.

What is a platesetter? !

A platesetter is a machine which receives a raster image from an image processor and in turn creates a lithographic plate suitable for use on an offsett press.