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The Green Room

At Kingfisher we offer a range of carbon balanced, FSC and recycled papers along with a range of environmentally friendly finishes.

This page offers a wealth of information regarding what is available in print to promote sustainability, environmental awareness and help support CSR and carbon management programmes.


Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

Recycled papers are now priced competitively and are equal to virgin fibre papers in quality, performance and reliability.

What is the benefit of using recycled papers?

1 tonne of recycled 100% paper versus virgin paper on average:

Source: WRAP

Using recycled papers:

You can add an Environmental Benefit Statement to your projects to demonstrate how the environmental impact has been reduced by using a recycled stock.

Click here to view the Robert Horne Statement or Click here to view the Antalis-McNaughton version.

If you have any un-used or unwanted file copies we are happy to collect from you with your next delivery to add to our recycled paper collection.

Carbon Balanced Papers

We offer a full range of carbon balanced papers. A carbon balanced paper means the production and distribution have been carbon balanced or offset. Using paper where the carbon impacts have been balanced will help companies meet and exceed carbon reduction targets.

For further information on carbon balanced stocks please click here.

You can calculate the carbon saved and land preserved by using a carbon balanced Paper by clicking here.

At the end of each year we can provide you with a certificate to demonstrate to clients the carbon emissions that have been offset and how much land has been preserved by the World Land Trust.

FSC = Sustainability

The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that promotes the responsible management of the worlds forests.

Half the timber harvested world wide is used to make paper. It is vital that everyone involved in this sector makes a commitment to responsible use of the worlds resources.

The FSC offers a solution which enables us to demonstrate, through independent certification, that the paper products we use and sell come from well managed sources and exclude the risk of using illegally logged timber or funding conflict.


Carbon Management

Kingfisher Press Ltd is proud to be a Carbon Balanced Publication Printer. For us, this means our business and processes have been carbon balanced, and offset, and with the introduction of an Environmental Management System we are continually monitoring and aiming to decrease our carbon footprint.

A Carbon Balanced Publication Printer is one of the highest statements of environmental integrity and credibility for both the end user and those who provide paper based communications. It confirms that the carbon impacts of the whole production of a printed item has been estimated and balanced (offset). The accreditation recognises excellence in environmental performance across the entire spectrum of a company’s operations and services.

This prestigious accreditation demonstrates commitment to the environment by assessing and calculating the corporate carbon footprint. The resultant carbon emissions are carbon balanced (offset) by ecological charity, the World Land Trust, by preserving endangered tropical forests.

Printing Processes

Paper is not the only part of print that can be environmentally friendly. Using an uncoated stock or water-based seal means papers bio-degrade easier.

We off a full range of aqueous seals in matt, gloss or silk, email us now for a copy of our swatch book, or click here to read more about Aqueous seals.

The Saphira drip off is a cost effective and more environmentally friendly option than Spot UV. It is water based, making it eco-friendly, and doesn’t gather travel miles as we can complete the process in house. Click here to find out more information on drip off.

And finally as a business?

Our vehicles are purchased with fuel economy in mind and currently 20% of staff use the cycle to work scheme.

Please see our environmental page for further information on Kingfisher and the Environment.

Could you be a Carbon Balanced Business?

Any company can become Carbon Balanced and introduce a carbon management programme – if you would like further information on Carbon Balancing or Offsetting as a business please click here to visit the World Land Trust website to find out all you need to know.

Click here to view the Robert Horne News Feature and Case Study.

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